Second Interview

K runs a showroom with regular exhibitions.

She has a custom made WordPress (a custom theme) to handle dynamic page builds.
For example, she has a list of exhibitions and when you click on one in particular you will see the list exhibited works during that exhibition and you can jump to the artist’s web page etc…

The whole thing costed North of 35K over the years.

While K knows her website back to front and uses computers all the time she is not a techie and has other things to do that spend time on a website.

She recognises the value of changing from time to time, both on the design front and from the technical perspective as well.

She has no preconceived ideas about what should run, she just cares about what should be in the website; because she has a customer focused approach.

I think this is the right approach. This said, K is a successful business person who can invest more than the previous interviewees.

The way one can help K is by understanding her websites and identifying gaps between what she has and what she wants (or needs) for herself or her customers.

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