Fourth Interview

D has car shop specialised in 4WD.

He sells accessories and vehicle transformations.

D is very well educated and had a successful career in management.
He chose Magento himself and knew exactly why. In fit he had an entire web and cloud strategy figured out from the start.
He found his hoster and setup his eCommerce website himself.
He developed all procedures, organised its marketing and his catalogue.
In addition, his website looks great and is pleasant to use.

After a few months of running this setup, he came to the conclusion that Magento was not for his business. He has no hard feelings about it, he only realised that Magento is fantastic but often requires the intervention of a programmer.

So D did for his website what he would have done for any piece of equipment he has in his business, he decided to change it and find one that serves him better.

He went back to his initial goals, thought abut the shortcomings of his still relatively new website and set out to find a solution that ticked all the boxes. He also decided to focus less on the “web design” aspect, realising that there are many great and affordable templates and one is bound to be useful for his business.

After some research he selected Neto, an eCommerce platform developed by an Australian company a point that mattered so that he could easily access help from them.

Neto covers all his needs, he can do everything himself including managing complex shipping costs scenarios using eight warehouses. He requested some user interface changes directly from the Neto People. In particular he had in mind a type of menu for his customers to quickly access his catalogue and ask Neto people to do it for him, which they did for a few hundred dollars.

What he achieved is a great looking site, simple to use and that integrates with his business as he also uses a cloud accounting system.

D is the perfect demonstration of what we are doing here; he focused on his business needs first and uncompromisingly selected a solution that meets his needs.
Then he picked from advanced offerings and took advantage of all advances in terms of cost, capabilities. The great thing is that he has a great web design in the end anyway.

D is not your average business owner, he had a comprehensive corporate management career prior to starting in business. So what he achieved alone is not to be under estimated. Another small business owner can achieve the same result like everything is achieved in business, by buying the service. The service here is not so much the web, but the initial reflection and solution assembly.



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