Third Interview

A is an artist and showcases her work on the wen using a range of social media and a website, she also maintains a blog of interviews with other artists. She is highly educated and a confident user of computers, both Windows and Mac.

She wrote her website herself, sourced a hoster for mail and web…She’s a Power Internet User. She is entirely capable of doing it again.

Now, she is now at a point where she needs to reorganise her hosting and rethink her website. She has no time and little money for it. What she has is the stress of going through hosters plans again, trying to make sense of the marketing, figuring out the same plan cost 3$ here and 19$ there…Trying to second guess technical limitations…

She has no time and no energy…

A has not got 800 dollars to get help for it.

This is for people like A that we provide tips in our Free DIY page so she can get find solutions that will cost her a few dollars a month.


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