Getting ready for a shop

I am adding a new eCommerce Web service to Compomentis offering.

Forget about how much the software costs (it is free-beer anyway),
This is all about time and knowledge and someone to bounce ideas with.

For those who think software makes it all.
I opted to add the W00 Commerce plugin in WordPress.
I will elaborate on the benefits of doing that in the product page a bit later.


Regardless of the software components you use (and there are many good ones), you need to think about your sales.
You need to be crystal clear about three all-important things.

  • Your products and services
    Number, gender, variants, sizes, core and options…
    We always describe ourselves with a title, usually short and adjective sounding.
    In reality, we provide a lot more than our headline implies.
    For example, no-one goes to a “baker” that only make one style of bread.
  • Your customers
    Are they “just thoroughfare”or “neighbourhood customers”, do they travel an hour to come to your shop? Are they wealthy or on a budget? How old are they?
    There is little point marketing a bakery to a car repair shop.
  • How you want to sell
    Will people pickup your goods? Attend a class in your office?  Or will you deliver the goods? or will you use a third party shipping company? Or send a trainer to their premises? Do you sell and forget? Or do you supply an ongoing service? Are bookings essential? Is there a lead-time? Do you supply finance or pay as you go?

That is a lot of work for a small business owner and you know the drill…
In business we are all talented at two or three skills that create the opportunity for business, but we reluctantly have to perform ten or twelve other time consuming jobs we are not good at and need to be done and weigh on the moral.

That is our eCommerce Web service.

Forget about how much the software costs.
This is about time, knowledge and someone to bounce ideas with.


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