Compomentis is a service company helping small businesses, clubs and associations to organise their online presence.

There has never been a better time to create or redo a website.
Standard solutions provide high quality, easy to maintain, useful and visually pleasing websites at low cost and social media provides convenient avenues to reach people and attract them to your website.

At Compomentis we will help you to

  • Chose the type of website you need.
  • Chose the type of web server you need and chose a hoster.
  • Tell the story of your business, word it and present it.
  • Maintain your website yourself and save.


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High quality

We help you setup websites using leading WordPress and Magento solutions.

WordPress is ideal for publishing information using traditional pages, blogs and news letters. It is highly customisable and you can modify most things easily yourself.

Magento is ideal for eCommerce, it allows you to define your products, build your catalogue, promotions and much more. It is ideal to sell items online.

In any scenario, we chose the best hosters for you so availability is never an issue.

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Standard and time tested

Standardisation only has benefits; the best is that there are people around who can help.
There are manuals and websites to provide you and your staff with information to do most things on your new website. Even customisations are done using standard web methods, techniques and tools; so if I am in holidays, other people can help you. And if you or someone you know are the programming kind, you can even do it yourself.


I am an actual person down the road.
I will meet you and we will talk about your business and what you want.

We are neighbours…This is free and comes with no obligations.
This will take about an hour and you will have a good idea of what to do next.

Quick and inexpensive

The process can take as little as a few hours and a few hundred dollars including the first year of hosting.

Even for large projects, you can get started fast and cheap and add more to it later.

In both cases recurring costs are minimal, a regular server will cost less than two hundred dollars a year. We don’t charge you a monthly fee. You only pay if you ask us to do something for you.