Advanced Web

With Dynamic Web you can produce enticing and sophisticated pages that will represent you well. But sometimes you need to show more in a more flexible way.

A typical example is an art gallery, which not only “has artefacts to sell”, but has different types of art, for example sculptures and paintings.

Not only that, but each art form comes in variants, for example charcoal on wood or oil on canvas, or mix-media on metal…And so on.

A simplified art gallery “napkin data model”

This requires something called a “data model” that allows associating distinct pieces of information to extract the content to present on a page.

This is much harder to do, but there is a method to think that through.
Using a disciplined approach we can list all the data bits and pieces you need and define how they relate to one another. This allows you to devise ways of “going to and from” any particular piece to another and what should be displayed in each case.

This work is necessary to tells a programmer what to do to write the website you need.
It also avoids situations where a decision down the track forces an entire website rewrite.

What do you need?

  • Ten hours of quality time for a few planning and progress meetings.
  • 7,500 dollars (give or take 2,500) to build it.
  • Less than 1,500 per annum to run it.
  • Six hours of quality time for a a few training classes.
  • About a month lead time from go to wow.


You need special hosting that not only allows you to change the front end code as in Dynamic Web, but also allows you to change the so called back end code.

How does that happen?

  • We have a free consultation and you tell me about your business.
    To arrive here, you decided that this type of website is right for you.
  • We have a planning meeting
    We choose a theme and the customisations you need.
    We will plan a few other progress meetings.
    We will sketch a data model like the one shown above.
    We build a todo list.
    We split the work, the tech bits for me, the business bits for you.
  • Then we go our own ways for a few days for an implementation phase during which,
The gift conveyor


  • I will organise the technical bits
    I will also prime the website.
  • We will meet periodically to progress and check
    There is more design involved and doing it all at once is not convenient.
  • You will collect the initial content
    Mostly text, images and information bits.


  • We have a launch and training meeting
    Then you will need another six hours with me for launch and training meetings.
    At that time, we will update your website together for one part and I will show you the tricks of your website.

What do you get?

You will have a website that represents you well
But more importantly you will also feel really good about,
  • A great sense of control over it.
  • Your understanding what is in it
  • Your understanding of why it is this way
  • Your ability to modify its content.
  • The fact that you can ask for help if need be.


You also gain the ability to finely control your pages look and feel and add page behaviours using two languages called css and javascript.
While you can use css and javascript as-is, there are fantastic free libraries allowing you to add awesome components to your pages. We work with the well loved jQuery.


jQuery is a powerful javascript library backed with a flexible set of graphical components.

It can be used for all sorts of tasks and can fulfil many “in-page” web objectives.

While HTML is a thing most people can develop ability on in a short period of time, things like css and javascript take more time to learn and are worth spending money to be done by a professional or an IT student.

You also gain the ability to finely control the server code behaviour using a language called PHP and special components called WordPress themes.

At this stage, I have to warn you that PHP and WordPress themes are much more difficult.
Still doable by an enthusiast, but be ready to pay your dues in long nights of reading documentation. So you really want to consider a professional to do it for you.

There are many PHP and WordPress specialists, so you can tap in a rich market of solid pros either with us or independently.


You also gain the ability to sell items or accept donations with PayPal buttons. This is a simple and inexpensive way to get started.
Your customers do not have to be PayPal customers, they can pay with a regular Visa or MasterCard card like mine or yours. In fact, what matters here is that YOU get a PayPal account so that monies land on your bank account.
If you do not have a PayPal account, you can create one now on the PayPal website or we can help you set one up.
paypal_logoPaypal has many capabilities.
You may want a shopping cart to allow your customers to place an order with more than one item. That can be added if you need to..

You can use PayPal buttons to manage a few products, but if your catalogue grows beyond thirty products or has frequent changes, you will find that it becomes an overhead and you want something more flexible to manage your catalogue. Advanced Web is the right solution for you as you will be able to maintain products directly in WordPress.
If your catalogue has more than a hundred products, you probably need an eCommerce solution and we can help you setup a Magento website.

 What next?

As you maintain your site, you may at times feel you want more presentation tricks.
Or you see something really neat in another website and you would like to have the same.

You may then call to see if we already have something similar.
We may already have one, or we can make one for you.
Or you may want to go the full distance and even sell online…
This is something we will start providing soon so check that space.