eCommerce and Web Burgers

One thing that helps representing every computer system is a stacked diagram of all the components. They have various pedantic names, but with the help on some colouring coding, you can draw what I call a Web Burger Press.

Thinking about your WordPress Installation this way lets you memorise the “moving parts” of your burger (sorry…website)


So here you are, your website is primarily a bun made of WordPress and the Internet at large. How your burgers taste and look like is up to you as the WordPress user.

All the fillings and toppings are of your own creation.
The advantage of WordPress is that it provides you  room to add your own or reuse existing ones. For instance, your patty can be what you want (meat, fish, vegetarian…), you can make one or use one that is already made. Same for the cheese and sauces and pickles.

The Professional Website is the best scenario if you you want is to maintain a few pages and publish news from time to time.

Don’t underestimate its power though!

  • It has a great search facility built into your site.
  • It allows you to categorise and tag your pages and blogs for even better search.
  • It integrates both ways with Social Media of your choosing.
  • It allows you to chose from hundreds of free or paid look-and-feels.
  • And it has many “widgets” you can add yourself to provide maps, contact forms and much more.

You don’t pay for any of this software.

What you pay for is

  • A one off fee for us to start one up for you, explain the bits and pieces, help you chose what you want and teach you how to do things.
  • Hosting fees, that you will pay to web superstars “Amazon Web Services”.
    These are the same people you get books from, except that here they have created the  best cloud service imaginable.
  • DNS names as usual.


The Dynamic Web Burger has an additional layer of javascript sauce.

This allows you to spice up your website with page effects that are not available in your chosen theme. Examples of popular javascript components are sliding panels, accordions, graphs…And alternative sliders if you don’t like the standard ones.


The Advanced Web Burger is a serious piece of software.

We are now talking about extending what WordPress can do by creating new data types, their attributes and relationship; and custom pages to deal with them.

This kind of website is harder to plan for and more expensive.
It will also cost you more to maintain; that said you don’t have to sell the car for it.

Imagine you have a showroom with hundred of items in stock, which you rotate for display. This would appear in an art, science or nature centre (museum, gallery…) but you can imagine that in more industrial settings (Automotive, Engineering…).

In this case, the standard categories and tags can be used up to a limit after which the visits become erratic and you may want to “guide” the visitor.

Example: from an exhibition to the showcased items, or to their maker; and back to the exhibitions, or exhibitions of that maker, or other items of that maker…
Possibilities are endless; but you are in charge of what goes in or not, so you control your spend.

With this kind of website, the data you gather becomes an asset over time.
It is very well organised and can build up in an orderly fashion.

You also have the opportunity to stand apart and create Intellectual Property as your custom pages are absolutely original and support your brand.


And here is a big eCommerce Web Burger, drawn here as an Advanced Web Burger with two underlying layers of eCommerce fillings.

You could have eCommerce fillings in a simple Professional Web Burger, but I thought it would be nice to draw the “Web Burger With the Lot”.

The eCommerce layers are provided by a WordPress extension called WooCommerce.
This is a popular, time tested extension, that is both powerful and easy to use.

How about money?

  • You do NOT pay for software
  • You pay for hosting with Amazon Web Service
  • You pay for DNS as usual
  • You pay us a one off fee to assist you in defining, setting up and training you on your new site (professional, dynamic or advanced).
  • You pay us a one off fee to assist you in defining, setting up and training you on your new shop.


I hope you are now hungry for a web burger.
Bon appétit!





Getting ready for a shop

I am adding a new eCommerce Web service to Compomentis offering.

Forget about how much the software costs (it is free-beer anyway),
This is all about time and knowledge and someone to bounce ideas with.

For those who think software makes it all.
I opted to add the W00 Commerce plugin in WordPress.
I will elaborate on the benefits of doing that in the product page a bit later.


Regardless of the software components you use (and there are many good ones), you need to think about your sales.
You need to be crystal clear about three all-important things.

  • Your products and services
    Number, gender, variants, sizes, core and options…
    We always describe ourselves with a title, usually short and adjective sounding.
    In reality, we provide a lot more than our headline implies.
    For example, no-one goes to a “baker” that only make one style of bread.
  • Your customers
    Are they “just thoroughfare”or “neighbourhood customers”, do they travel an hour to come to your shop? Are they wealthy or on a budget? How old are they?
    There is little point marketing a bakery to a car repair shop.
  • How you want to sell
    Will people pickup your goods? Attend a class in your office?  Or will you deliver the goods? or will you use a third party shipping company? Or send a trainer to their premises? Do you sell and forget? Or do you supply an ongoing service? Are bookings essential? Is there a lead-time? Do you supply finance or pay as you go?

That is a lot of work for a small business owner and you know the drill…
In business we are all talented at two or three skills that create the opportunity for business, but we reluctantly have to perform ten or twelve other time consuming jobs we are not good at and need to be done and weigh on the moral.

That is our eCommerce Web service.

Forget about how much the software costs.
This is about time, knowledge and someone to bounce ideas with.