eCommerce Extension

The eCommerce Extension is an option you can add to any of our web solutions to:

  • Maintain a Product Catalogue
  • Maintain Product Inventory
  • Sell online with a Shopping Cart
  • Capture payments over the counter or online
  • Manage orders and deliveries
  • Provide your customer with MyAccount services
  • Out of the box PayPal
paypal_logoPaypal is the most popular online payment method. It integrates really well with the checkout and allows you to capture money before recording the order.
It allows people to pay with their PayPal account or Visa or Mastercard cards.

WooCommerce is more that a catalogue, cart and checkout…

We chose WooCommerce for its proven capabilities and its affordable extensions for:
  • Product Add-ons
  • Bookings
  • Subscriptions
  • More payment gateways
  • and more…

What do you need?

  • One of our web solutions (see appropriate page)
  • A couple of hours of meetings to organise the catalogue
  • Less than 200 dollars to build it.
  • From zero to a few hundred dollars a year for extension services.
  • Product pictures or a digital camera
  • Two hours of quality time for a training meeting.

How does that happen?

  • We will sort out your chosen web solution first (see appropriate page)
  • We will have a sales planning meeting
    • We will define your product categories
    • We will think about information you want for products.
    • We will think about inventory of product and service availability.
    • We will think about the checkout, how you want to bill and ship.
    • We will plan a delivery date
  • Then we go our own ways for a few days for an implementation phase during which,
The gift conveyor
  • I will organise the technical bits
    I will also prime the website.
  • You will collect the initial content
    Mostly text, images and information bits.
  • We have a launch and training meeting
    Then you will need another two hours with me for launch and training meeting.
    At that time, we will start updating your shop together.


You will have a fully functional online shop that correspond to your business processes
But more importantly you will have freedom to add/remove/edit products as you please.
  • Your categories
  • Your product attributes
  • Your way of billing
  • Your way to ship or reserve stock
  • Your way to book visits or appointments.
  • Your way to provide subscriptions.
  • and much more