If you want to go the whole distance and directly sell online as opposed to get customers to call or walk in, then you need an eCommerce site.eCommerce is an entirely different ball game as it feeds directly in and from your business processes. It calls for very advanced code.

Luckily, some good folks have created really good and efficient solutions.

The one we picked up for you is called Magento and believe it or not it is the most used on the Internet. There are many reasons for it,

Return of Investment Diagram
Product, Customer, Marketing…
  • The code is free.
    Only pay for hosting.
  • Well documented techniques
    Easily get people to help.
    Really develop skills fast.
  • Great Catalogue
    Products, categories, variants, price ranges, full search…
  • Great order-to-cash
    Customers, orders, invoices, shipment, checkout, payment…

What do you need?

An Amazon Web Services account.
An Amazon Magento Instance.Don’t worry, we can do that for you.About 100$ per month to pay to Amazon not us.

A few meetings with us to work out how we organise it and teach you how to make the most of it. We will have to think about your products and services, how you procure, stock  and sell, how you want to organise your catalogue…Do you want to ship or get people to come and collect? Do you want to have people come and visit and buy in the shop?


Do you need it?

You need it if you have objects to sell.
Be it food, cart parts, furniture, computers…If you can sell it in a shop, then you can sell it online…The more products you sell, the more you need it.You also need it if you plan to streamline some operations, for example

  • Reconciliation of sales and payments and bank.
  • Reconciliation of sales and inventory
  • Resupply
  • Customer accounts tracking

You also need it to work as a team if you have employees.

  • John looks after the catalogue
  • Mary looks after inventory levels and resupply
  • Nick looks after customer service
  • and more…

Make no mistake you will spend time on it, eCommerce is rewarding but it requires work.
Good news, this work is business work not computer work, this is something you have to do and you will find that the software greatly help in this process.

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